City and Colour "Lover Come Back" (lyric video)

City and Colour 'Lover Come Back' (lyric video)
City and Colour fans are a devoted bunch, no doubt biding their time before Dallas Green returns with the project's next LP, If I Should Go Before You. Similarly, the guy's singing about the thought of reuniting with a special someone in the album's latest preview, "Lover Come Back."

The song, which has has been fit with a lyric video, features a roots-infused pop-rock arrangement of bouncing piano, sly organs and Green's confessional croooning.

Here, he notes that while he was "bound for trouble from the start," he once had a "ray of light" helping steer him towards better days. Things have changed, apparently, which is why the guy is calling out "lover come back to me" in the chorus.

The video features a bunch of quick-shifting street scenes, and the scrawling of lyrics onto skin, specifically that of a woman's back. Puns!

If I Should Go Before You drops October 9 via Dine Alone.