Cindytalk Compile Recent Material on Double LP Set

Cindytalk Compile Recent Material on Double LP Set
Long-running Scottish act Cindytalk have transformed numerous times throughout their existence, going from industrial post-punk to electronic noise with an ever-shifting lineup. Now, the group will be compiling their recent recordings on the new double LP The Poetry of Decay, due out November 1 in the UK via Editions Mego.

FACT reports that the set will bring together last year's The Crackle of My Soul and this year's Up Here in the Clouds, marking the first time that either album has been available on vinyl. It will come with a bonus seven-inch containing the songs "Transgender Warrior" and "Guts of London."

Exclaim's review of The Crackle of My Soul said that "the static is composed of shards of glass, and the high pitches nearly pierce eardrums." According to distributor Kudos Records, Up Here in the Clouds has "a fresher, cooler sound to it, with longer tracks that slowly evolve in great patches of aural beauty."

The Crackle of My Soul:

1. "Signalling Through The Flames"
2. "Of Ghosts and Buildings"
3. "Maglev
4. "Troubled Aria"
5. "Our Shadow, Remembered"
6. "Feathers Burn"
7. "One Hundred Years Tomorrow"
8. "Transgender Warrior"
9. If We Meet, We Meet In Silence"
10. Debris Of a Smile"

Up Here in the Clouds:  

1. "The Eighth Sea"
2. "We Are Without Words"
3. "I Walk Until I Fall"
4. "Guts of London"
5. "Switched to Lunar"
6. "Hollow Stare"
7. "The Anarchist Window"
8. "Multiple Landings"
9. "Up Here in the Clouds"


A. "Transgender Warrior"
B. "Guts of London"