Cinderpop Return with 'Manic Sparkles' LP

Cinderpop Return with 'Manic Sparkles' LP
It's been some time since we heard a peep from Vancouver's Cinderpop. Their last album, A Lesson in Science, came out back in 2008, and the stopgap Cinnamon Winter EP followed the year after. Now, the indie pop outfit have returned with Manic Sparkles, which will arrive on June 5 via Popoganda Records.

The album contains 16 songs, the bulk of which are under three minutes. A press release notes that these tunes touch on a variety of styles ranging from "orchestral melancholia" to "Pixie-esque" sounds to "R.E.M.-esque majesty." The record apparently features the whole gamut of instrumentation, making for "Cinderpop's most diverse and sonically ambitious album." Manic Sparkles was birthed in various studios and in more at-home recording environments.

For a taste of what the band have cooked up, you can stream the single "Florentine" below (that's the "R.E.M.-esque" one, in case you were wondering).

Manic Sparkles:

1. Alistair and Allison

2. Wallowing

3. Florentine

4. Sevens

5. Summers in the Shelter

6 Allison Awake

7. Frost Bite

8. Yokohama

9. Rabbitly Running

10. Landmines

11. Coccooning

12. Diary Keeping

13. Wayward Fox

14. Sea Through

15. Soul Cage

16. Time to Move On