Chvrches "Now is Not the Time" (video)

Chvrches 'Now is Not the Time' (video)
Hot off buzz from SXSW, CMW and a recent North American tour announcement, UK electro-pop crew Chvrches have dropped a new roller skating rink-set video clip for their Recover EP's sanguine jam "Now is Not the Time."

'Neath the glow of a disco ball, the trio lay out glitzy synth washes and chilly beats as a parade of people in their white lace up skates whizz on by. As romantic as the light-show and tune may be for your old-school exercise, you may want to take Lauren Mayberry's cooed advice of "Now is not the time to speak of love," unless, of course, you're some sort of pro at hand-holding whilst whipping in the round.