Chunklet Magazine Presents The Buckshot Boys

Following up on Brother Vs. Brother, their Civil War ambush of the South By Southwest conference, the boys at Chunklet have gone overseas to attack bands and fans at the charming All Tomorrow’s Parties festival for their recent DVD. Subtitled Deer Hunting, British Culture & Rock Music Collide At All Tomorrow’s Parties, Chuck B. Weegan and DJ Jerry Clancy get in the faces of bands like Mogwai, the Melvins, Deerhoof and Spoon, and grill them about deer hunting while verbally abusing British music fans and upstart musicians for being, well, non-deer hunting British. Unfortunately, it’s executed way too aggressively, and after about 15 minutes the two hosts’ redneck routine becomes exhausting and exasperating. It is nice to see them make Neil Hamburger feel the same discomfort we often feel from his uneventful, creepy act, but there’s little to Buckshot Boys that cleanses the palette. (Chunklet,