Chuggo’s debut album is about as subtle as strangling someone to make a point, but it’s equally as effective. Act like You Might Know is filled with over-the-top sexual bragging, slightly more believable criminal bragging, and plenty of braggadocio for — and from — his Lakeshore Stranglas crew. "Ah C’mon” sets the stage with a tight Bookworm (of the Oddities) beat and a simple flow that is only fumbled occasionally. The horns and Latin-flavour of "Compliments” could be Chuggo’s club jam if it wasn’t so slow, while "Casper” is a creepy concept track that imagines Chuggo as a not-so-friendly ghost. However, the best track might just be the hilarious Circle Research-produced posse cut "Had Her When She Was Hot” that recognises the player/ho double standard but still gives it the middle finger. Surprisingly, Chuggo and crew outshine the star appearances of Immortal Technique and Brooklyn Academy, who guest on "The People Are Shit” and "Danger Us,” respectively, with plenty of charisma, energy and witty wordplay. While Act like You Might Know probably won’t make you feel smarter, and will likely have you feeling dirty, you will be entertained along the way. (Bidwhist Incorporated)