Chromeo Make "World's Smallest Album"

Chromeo Make 'World's Smallest Album'
If you're a fan of Chromeo and have an extremely low attention span, you're in luck. The Montreal electro-funk duo have recorded the follow-up to last year's Business Casual, and it's a short one. Entitled Drive Time, the album dishes out a whopping 55 tracks in just 183 seconds, making it barely three minutes in length.

It's being dubbed the "world's smallest album." In the video trailer embedded at the bottom of this page, band member Dave 1 says, "In this age of information, you don't really have time to sit through a four-minute, three-minute song. It's just the essence of every piece of music that we could have written."

As for what inspired this approach, Dave 1 said, "People make such a big deal about the White Album because it was so long. But maybe our album is going to be this miniature album."

Apparently, this isn't just a joke that Chromeo recorded at home on a drunken whim (though we have some serious doubts about all this). They cut it in NYC's Stratosphere Sound Recording Studios and sent it to producer Dave Bascombe (Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode) for mixing.

According to Holy Moly!, there are only 40 physical copies in the world (another fact we seriously doubt). You can see the miniature record around the 39-second mark of the video embedded below. There's no word as to when we'll hear the full thing, but you can hear a couple of the "songs" below.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.