Chromeo "Major Equity Holders" in Either New Airline or Elaborate Online Prank

Chromeo 'Major Equity Holders' in Either New Airline or Elaborate Online Prank
In case the keyboard-heavy sounds of Chromeo hadn't already lifted you to a higher plane, the electro-funk duo have now announced they've entered a high-flying business deal with fledgling airline Mallard Air. That is, unless it's all part of an online prank.

A press release explains that Dave 1 and P-Thugg have become major equity holders and spokespeople for the company, which is billed as "a budget-conscious alternative for the upwardly mobile American traveler." Though the airline is said to run 10 hubs across the U.S. Midwest and three more in the Canadian prairies, their website doesn't appear to be actively booking flights and is mostly full of broken links.

According to Chromeo, they questioned the legitimacy of the deal after first being approached by Mallard, but opted to give the air travel business a chance.

"When Mallard approached us about share acquisition, we thought it was a joke," Dave 1 said in a statement. "But when we got to know the people behind the airline, a creative and dynamic group of engineers and venture capitalists, this partnership made total sense. Besides, our business managers always encouraged us to diversify our investments. For a band like us, this feels bold and new."

The band added that they had a hand in extending Mallard's reportedly regular flight schedules to include boutique service to Montreal, Minneapolis and Beirut using the company's Airbus A3xx series fleet, with their global travels having informed the decision.

"We spend our life on airplanes," P-Thugg explained, adding, "And there's always something wrong: from the uniforms to the business class menu, to the way they handle oversize baggage. Our association with Mallard will give us the opportunity to change that and to offer a travel experience the way we see it."

Before you get your hopes up for some Chromeo-approved air service, it should be noted that it had been speculated ahead of the group's involvement that Mallard Air was an online prank. Following a series of humorous tweets from a Mallard employee named "Doug," the Daily Dot pointed out that many of the airline's Twitter followers both follow and are followed by writers for satirical site Funny or Die.

Could we be in store for another Funny or Die-prepped music video, along the lines of previous team ups with Neko Case, Cat Power and more? Perhaps with Dave 1 and P-Thugg taking on daily duties at Mallard Air, or taking to the skies to play "Frequent Flyer" off their recent White Women for a first-class crowd?