Chromatics' Johnny Jewel Teases 'Twin Peaks' Collaboration, Announces Two New EPs

Chromatics' Johnny Jewel Teases 'Twin Peaks' Collaboration, Announces Two New EPs
If you haven't been paying obsessive attention to the slow, piecemeal leaks about Season 3 of Twin Peaks, you might not remember last year's exhaustive cast member list. Among many celebrities and musicians set to appear on the show was Chromatics vocalist Ruth Radelet. Now, we have confirmation that Johnny Jewel is involved as well.

Alexis Rivera, who runs the Chromatics-adjacent Echo Park Records, tweeted the above image. It showcases smashed copies of the band's long-awaited Dear Tommy alongside a shattered image of Laura Palmer. Rivera wrote, "Harry, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Chromatics and Johnny Jewel are involved with the new season of Twin Peaks."

Whether that means the band have written new music for the show or plan to appear has yet to be seen, but it's ultimately a match made in heaven for fans of either project.

That's not the only project apparently distracting bandleader Johnny Jewel from delivering his long-awaited Dear Tommy LP with Chromatics. The artist has just unveiled two solo EPs on the Italians Do It Better webstore. One is called The Key and the other is called The Hacker. They're both listed as "coming soon" and can be pre-ordered here. You'll find their respective tracklists below.

Twin Peaks will finally return on May 21 on Showtime. If you absolutely must have more Twin Peaks music now, listen to the show's theme song performed in the style of the Seinfeld theme here.

The Key:

1. Emerge
2. The Key
3. Face To Face
4. Free Fall
5. Ghost Diving
6. Combat
7. Discovery
8. Memory Mask

The Hacker:

1. The Hacker
2. Latex
3. The Chase
4. Laughing Man
5. Telekon
6. Red Lights
7. Cyborg