Christ. Blue Shift Emissions

Christ. — he’s back to bring forth a message of ambience and glitch-y beats unto us all. Revelations? There are a few minor ones in the sumptuous sound construction that fills up a room with warmth while leaving a little space for a disquieting edge. While Christ. has a thing for swelling sounds, he files down his rhythms with digital sandpaper. He’s also not averse to using blue notes, which separate this from truly ambient music by injecting some soulful harmonic tension. At first it sounds like Blue Shift Emissions is going to be an exploration in how to program exceptional synth washes but then Headhunters’ "God Make Me Funky” break drops in and creates a wickedly ironic down tempo excursion. Down tempo characterises the latter half of the album but it’s never completely chilled out. One example is the static-y radio that fades in and out of "Holobenthic Grex Venalium” to keep it from sounding slick. Similarly, "Blue Shifty Missions” channels the clean proto-techno of Klaus Schulze into the land of dub. Christ. finally commands the funk on "Breathe Between Sleep,” with a low-down drum machine pattern stabbed continuously by monstrous electronic noises. Heavenly stuff. (Benbecula)