Chris Walla Doesn't Want To Make Another "Mild and Meek" Death Cab For Cutie Record

Chris Walla Doesn't Want To Make Another 'Mild and Meek' Death Cab For Cutie Record
Death Cab for Cutie may have not even started working on their next record yet but producer/guitarist Chris Walla already has big hopes for album number seven, saying in a recent interview that he wants the group to make their first true-blue "radio record."

While talking to Alternative Press, Walla said: "I have no interest in doing anything that's mild and meek. I want to make a radio record this next time out. There's no reason for us to keep doing what we're doing if we're making meeker, smaller records."

And if Walla turning his back on Death Cab's heart-of-sleeve indie calling card wasn't enough, he goes on to say that he doesn't even like front-man Ben Gibbard's more sensitive songs. "I don't particularly have any real connection to a lot of the mellower stuff that Ben writes," he said. "I really feel like he's getting his best stuff when he's being assertive and forward."

Walla continues: "In a way, when we signed to Atlantic, Plans was a sort of partial, half-hearted step into an attempt to make something that is more appealing on a broader scale. I think that Narrow Stairs was really sort of a reactionary move - like very much the opposite of that. Maybe it's just a phase, but I'm really interested in making something that is appealing on a really broad level and something we can be really satisfied with. But I think that there's a way to bridge those two gaps."

To read more on Walla's aims to reach mainstream appeal, you can check out the entire Alternative Press interview here.

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