The Chris Danforths Outside of Outer Space

If the name is an attempt to fool listeners into thinking this is a band project, then Chris Danforth has done a poor job. More likely, it's a clever play on the various Chris Danforths whose personalities emerge on this slice of psych-pop schizophrenia. Demonstrating a serious fetish for mid-'70s Eno, Roxy Music, Devo and even some '80s miscues (Psychedelic Furs? Duran Duran?), Danforth demonstrates that he knows all the buttons on his musical blender. The overall feel recalls the Flaming Lips, but sadly the Danforths lack both the consistency and the innovation; Fridmann, Coyne et. al have already broken the snow on this cross-country trail. But the weaknesses are necessary to appreciate what good the Danforths have to offer - it's the willingness to fail, absurdly at times, that makes this compelling and points for effort are certainly due. (Secretly Canadian)