Chilly Gonzales Calls Out Hozier's "Take Me to Church" for Ripping Off Feist

Chilly Gonzales Calls Out Hozier's 'Take Me to Church' for Ripping Off Feist
Canadian piano master Chilly Gonzales has been giving listeners a new perspective on pop music with his Pop Music Masterclass, taking on tracks by everyone from Daft Punk to Taylor Swift to Drake.
Now, the musician has taken the time to break down Hozier's hit "Take Me to Church" and has come to the startling conclusion that it may well be a Feist rip-off.
In the latest video for the series, he delves into the "spiritual sound" of Hozier's tune and points out its waltz-like construction. Playing the track, Gonzales notices its similarity to funereal music and then makes a connection to "How Come You Never Go There" from Feist's 2011 album Metals.
"It's almost the exact same thing," he says. "That's a crazy coincidence that my good friend and musical little sister Feist, with her song 'How Come You Never Go There,' had the exact same idea to use those chords and that slow triple time as Hozier."
Gonzales makes it clear what his stance is on the similarities between the songs, offering up support for Feist in the form of a dad joke: "'Take Me to Church?' Maybe Feist should take him to court!"
If you want to see the master in action, check out Gonzales' upcoming concert dates in Toronto and Montreal here. For now, watch the full video of his latest Pop Music Masterclass below and draw your own conclusions.