Childish Gambino "Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)" (video)

Childish Gambino 'Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)' (video)
Vacations are no doubt a fine time to cool out from the regular day-to-day, but things get a little weird when Childish Gambino and Jhené Aiko take their Jeep down the coast in the video to Gam's Because the Internet track, "Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)."

Though those lyrics discuss growing up in Oaktown, the video showcases a tropical paradise in which Gambino and Aiko sip on sweet drinks, pose for pictures in front of an enigmatic ocean view and perform a little bit of footwork from wooden balconies. While it all seems to be a rather romantic get-away, the locals seem a little suspect about the true nature of the power couple.

There are a few twists and turns, which you'll discover in the video down below.