Chief Keef "We Eatin'" (ft. Boss Brick) (video)

Chief Keef 'We Eatin'' (ft. Boss Brick) (video)
Chicago rap phenom Chief Keef got some negative press last week after delivering some uncomfortably cold tweets regarding the shooting death of teenage spitter JoJo (aka Joseph Coleman). This week, Keef is moving on from the controversy with the, uh, humble new vid for "We Eatin'."

The clip has Keef and Minnesota-bred Boss Brick brag-rapping about accumulated stacks and sipping Hennessey and Alizé as they travel around in a fancy car and a loading bay elevator. Keef, meanwhile, also rides a Spyder, reps his signing to Interscope, boasts that they shoot dudes "who can't get down with us" and offers up a few of those patented bang-bangs.

You can check it out below.