Chief Keef "Slam Dunkin'"/ "Shooters"

Chief Keef 'Slam Dunkin''/ 'Shooters'
While Chief Keef recently let us know that he's been getting pretty "Fucked Up" lately, the Chicago teen is still knocking out singles at a frighteningly prolific pace. To kick off your week, you can check out the young Chiraq rapper's latest jams, "Slam Dunkin'" and "Shooters."

"Slam Dunkin'" plays to Keef's poppier tendencies, finding the guy half-singing atop a confection of sugary synths. After spelling out his nickname of "Almighty Sosa," the spitter born Keith Cozart sets us up with some info about how ballin' he is. The track might not hit as hard as a two-fisted Blake Griffin dunk, but you can still check it out down below.

As for "Shooters," the track is a little more mean-spirited, rolling off gunfire, Keef's signature adlib of "Bang Bang," and bars about getting guap. The hook is a little undercooked, even for Keef, but you'll hear the guy warning you about not getting in his way via the second stream down below.

"Slam Dunkin'":