Chief Keef "Round Da Rosey" (video)

Chief Keef 'Round Da Rosey' (video)
Chief Keef's Bang Pt. 2 is apparently still set to drop sometime in the future, but so is another mixtape called Almighty Sosa. Due dates have yet to be revealed for either freelease, but the GBE rapper is previewing the latter with a new cut called "Round Da Rosey."

Zaytoven delivers a straightforward drill beat build around snickety hi-hat hits and subtle synth work, while Keef flips "Ring Around the Rosie" by running bars about sipping codeine, rocking diamonds that cost more than your house does, and ballin' like Kobe. While still mostly mumble-mouthed, the teen rapper annunciates the hell out of getting ready to "freak her when I flame off this reefer."

You can watch Keef and his crew sink some baskets in between puffs down below.