Chief Keef "Macaroni Time" (video)

Chief Keef 'Macaroni Time' (video)
Chief Keef may have spent last night (May 20) in an Atlanta jail cell for allegedly smoking weed, but the Chicago rapper is already erasing the incident from our memories with his latest video, "Macaroni Time."

The track's really not that different from anything else Keef's dished out the last year or so, with dramatic beats supporting his sing-song spitting style about, well, smoking weed and riding hard in 'raris.

As for the visuals, while we see Keef awkwardly trying to cram large amounts of cash into his jeans pockets, we also get some shots of him and his buds taking to the great outdoors to dance around and sip "Sprite" out of plastic cups. Face it, Keef knows how to party.