Chief Keef "Dat Loud" (ft. Ballout) / "Kush Wit Them Beans"

Chief Keef 'Dat Loud' (ft. Ballout) / 'Kush Wit Them Beans'
Chief Keef is no doubt one of 2012's breakout figures, having crushed the game with his rough and edgy "I Don't Like" single. Many are eagerly anticipating the Chi-town teen's upcoming Finally Rich LP, but in case you can't handle the wait until the record's December 18 due date, Keef has uploaded a couple of new tunes.

Keef goes the pop-rap route on the Ballout-featuring "Dat Loud," a remix of a Young Dro tune that features a more melodious and blippy synth hook than the menacing, gun-clapping Young Chop beats we've been accustomed to. Lyrically, the rapper sticks to a simple rhythm pattern that has him boasting about how he has his shorty screamin' loud.

The rapper also delivered "Kush Wit Them Beans," which hits the Autotune hard and gels on bizarrely upbeat, 8-bit Nintendo hooks. You might also notice it's a reworking of Soulja Boy's "Zan with That Lean."

You can stream both tracks below.