Chevvy Woods "Underrated"

Chevvy Woods 'Underrated'
Pittsburgh spitter Chevvy Woods has been grinding it out for years, but for whatever reason, the guy has flown under many rap fans' radars. Apparently that's not sitting too well with him lately, as he's pumped out a single about his problem called "Underrated."

Featuring a robust beat from Sledgren and Ricky P, the Taylor Gang member's latest track has him waxing about the "tug-of-war for the pull of attention," noting that haters are devoted to making sure he doesn't make it in the world. Despite an angered hook of "I'm underrated and I fucking hate it," the dude still manages to keep his party going with black bottles and faded morning sessions.

Slathered with smooth synth work and a glass half-full/glass half-empty approach, you can hear Chevvy rev things up via the player down below.