Chela "Guts" (Humans remix)

Chela 'Guts' (Humans remix)
Aussie artist Chela is a rising pop performer with a seriously stunning voice. For the uninitiated, Vancouver duo Humans are offering a perfect starting point with a remix of her song "Guts."

According to the band, they stumbled across her SoundCloud page and decided to try their hand at a remix. After spending months trying to work through the vocals, the band's Robbie Slade brought it to his co-conspirator Peter Ricq, who finished the remix in hours.

Listen to Humans' cut-up rework of "Guts" below. The band are also nearing completion of their next album, and in their words, "it is going to crush."

Tour dates:

05/17 Victoria, BC - Ship Point (Inner Harbour)
05/18 Vancouver, BC - CelebritiesĀ 
08/01 Merrit, BC - Bass CoastĀ