Cheeseburger Cheeseburger

If the Demolition Doll Rods were to do away with their gimmicky go-go get-ups and lack of a solid drummer, their rock’n’soul atmosphere would seem unstoppable. Listening to this eponymous effort, one instantly feels that Cheeseburger have realised the same thing and applied it to their shimmying backbeat, creating devout soul rock. Slightly more palatable than the DDRs, while still laidback enough to escape the tinny assault and overbearing cries of passion that define outfits such as the Mooney Suzuki or Tricky Woo, the latest offering from Cheeseburger feels like a more debonair, methodical approach to blending Jon Spencer’s stylish mood with Danko Jones’s uncomplicated, sultry attitude. The degrees of affected oddity in the lyrics and their moniker are decidedly New York hipster but at least they don’t let it compromise the elementary sonic output. (Kemado)