Check Out 'The Beaver,' 'The Bang Bang Club' and 'Dexter: Season Five' in this Week's DVD Roundup

Check Out 'The Beaver,' 'The Bang Bang Club' and 'Dexter: Season Five' in this Week's DVD Roundup
A change from the norm is always healthy, once in a while. This week's DVD roundup includes movies that take on familiar genres, but with a twist. Check out all the latest DVD and Blu-ray reviews in our Recently Reviewed section.

The first drama with a twist, The Beaver (pictured), stars Mel Gibson as a suicidal man who attempts to amend his personality by speaking through a beaver hand puppet and is a comedic take on the lead character's identity crisis. Little White Lies, another unique drama with a comedic element, observes human dynamics through a group of friends, and their habit of avoiding the truth.

If you are looking for a chick flick, you're in luck. Something Borrowed tells the counter-feminist story of two women battling over everything and, amongst that, the male lead. The movie features Kate Hudson and is based on Emily Griffin's series of novels.

We also have reviews of two new "based on a true story" films. The Bang Bang Club is a graphic memoir about two travellers' (Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva) experiences in South Africa during apartheid. Next is The 5th Quarter, which is a story based on the ups and downs of a family when faced with the tragic loss of their football champion son.

Continuing within the realm of reality, the documentary The Elephant in the Living Room displays the strange human compulsion to tame wild animals, such as one character who keeps two full-grown lions in his backyard as pets.

Also reviewed this week is the Academy Award-winning Danish film, In a Better World. This story explores alternative morals outside the vacuum of theory. Check out the full review to see if it's the film is for you.

And finally, the fifth season of Showtime's Dexter has been released with more blood, murder, romance and guilt than in previous seasons.

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