Charlotte Cornfield Launches 'Bottle Rocket'-Inspired Video for New Single "Partner in Crime"

The music video treatment takes cues from Wes Anderson's debut 1996 crime comedy
Charlotte Cornfield Launches 'Bottle Rocket'-Inspired Video for New Single 'Partner in Crime'
Toronto-born singer-songwriter Charlotte Cornfield has always had conviction, but she's a new kind of convict in the video for her latest single "Partner in Crime," which takes its visual cues straight out of the Wes Anderson cinematic universe.

"Partner in Crime" follows "Headlines" as the second single from the singer-songwriter's forthcoming fourth LP Highs in the Minuses. It's a broody yet rhythmically insistent track with a slow-burning smoulder that eventually erupts in guitar distortion as Cornfield repeats the starkly understated hook, "There was so much bad news / Before I met you."

The video — directed by her brother, Joe — sees Cornfield reunited with an old friend and together, the pair have one mission: a classic case of getting the old band back together.

"In an homage to [Wes Anderson's 1996 film] Bottle Rocket, Charlotte and her band don yellow jumpsuits and take off in a VW bus to execute a daring musical heist," the director explained in a statement.

The musician added:

My brother and I grew up watching Wes Anderson movies. They were a huge part of our childhood and adolescence, and I feel like they've seeped into our DNA at this point — the colours, the outfits, the humour. When I sent Joe this song and he came back with this idea, it was a no-brainer that we'd do it. He made it all happen: the van, the jumpsuits, the whole thing. Tara Kannangara, Steven Foster and Sam Gleason came with us on the journey and fully embraced the concept.

Right down to the leather gloves.

Watch the video for "Partners in Crime" below.

Cornfield's last album was 2019's The Shape of Your Name, which made Exclaim!'s list of the best folk and country albums that year.

Anderson's next film is currently filming in Spain. The latest actors to join the cast include Bryan Cranston and Liev Schreiber.