Charli XCX "Allergic to Love" (Snuffed By the Yakuza cover)

Charli XCX 'Allergic to Love' (Snuffed By the Yakuza cover)
Looking to switch things up from the high-gloss electro pop of True Romance, UK singer Charli XCX has just surfaced a lovingly junked-up cover of Swedish garage crew Snuffed By the Yakuza's "Allergic to Love."

The cover pumps out a tail-pipe blast of drum machine beats and high-octane guitar riffs to support Charli XCX's manic attack on the mic. She screeches and sneezes her way through the track, detailing just how love has her catching a serious fever.

Snuffed By the Yakuza's original cut came from their 2004 EP The Yakuza Slide. You can hear the Charli XCX's motor-running redo down below.