Charles Hamilton 'Ill Doesn't Meen Classic' (mixtape)

Charles Hamilton 'Ill Doesn't Meen Classic' (mixtape)
Cleveland-based outsider rap dude Charles Hamilton is expected to release his sophomore full-length, The Mind of Charles Hamilton, at some point this year. While we know next to nothing about that release, the rapper has treated us to a new mixtape.

The effort is called Ill Doesn't Meen Classic, and includes 11 new tracks of Hamilton goodness. The final song on the album, "I Don't Care," was co-produced by Eminem.

Download Ill Doesn't Meen Classic here.

Ill Doesn't Meen Classic:

1. FallInOutOfLove
2. Here We Go
3. I Doubt It
4. Wake Up
5. A Lot
6. Mushrooms and War
7. No Swag
8. None Of Y'all
9. Pinkington
10. Sleep On The Floor
11. I Don't Care (Co-Produced by Eminem)