Charles Bradley Changes

Charles Bradley Changes
With a remarkable voice that holds a million riveting stories, Charles Bradley continues his rise against all odds with his third album, Changes.
The album opens with a personal word from Bradley about what home means to him after being away. While early tracks like "God Bless America" feel like church and relief, the album picks up in tempo by "Good to be Back at Home."

Bradley weaves several themes throughout: he evokes a sense of patriotism and reflection, while soulful ballads like "Things We Do For Love" and "Crazy For Your Love" implore a sense of desperation and sensibility familiar to Bradley. The juxtaposition of patriotism, war, chaos and love feels intentional and purposeful, and it makes Changes different than its two predecessors. It's a mix that smoothly translates to an enjoyable listen, delivering the deep soulful revivalism sound that Bradley is known to deliver, but with a slight change in tone.
Bradley effectively draws you in with his voice and leaves you deep in thought with Changes, all the while grooving back and forth. (Dunham)