The Charlatans Tour in Jeopardy After Drummer Collapses on Stage

The Charlatans Tour in Jeopardy After Drummer Collapses on Stage
Last year, Britpop veterans the Charlatans cancelled their entire North American tour after drummer Jon Brookes required shoulder surgery. Now, the band's live schedule has once again been put in jeopardy due to health concerns. This time, it's because Brookes collapsed on stage during the middle of a show in Philadelphia, PA.

According to a press release, the drummer collapsed early in the set and stopped breathing. Luckily, a doctor in attendance came on stage, administered CPR and revived Brookes before the ambulance arrived soon after.

He was taken to hospital and given a CAT scan, and his condition is now improving. The cause of his collapse has not been announced, but doctors predict that there will be no permanent impacts to his well-being.

The band were due to play Montreal tonight and Toronto tomorrow. While there's been no official announcement regarding the status of the gigs, it seems unlikely that the shows will go on given the circumstances. Keep your eyes peeled to the Charlatans' website for updates.

Update: We've now received official word that the Charlatans have cancelled their performances in Montreal and Toronto, and that Brookes's collapse was due to a seizure. Stay tuned for updates regarding the rest of the tour.