The Chap Admit 'We Are Nobody' on New LP

The Chap Admit 'We Are Nobody' on New LP
Last year, the Chap released the arrogantly titled retrospective compilation We Are the Best. Now, the British art pop weirdos have changed their tune for their latest LP, which is humbly called We Are Nobody. It's due out March 6 via Lo Recordings.

According to an announcement, this offering is a little less off-the-wall than the group's past LPs, since it is "the most unified-sounding Chap album to date. It contains 11 beautiful statements of loss, dislocation, nostalgia and defeat, mostly in a traditional pop-song format and embedded in a surprisingly soothing and restrained sonic environment."

The whole thing is said to be "distinctly melancholy," despite being "infectious, blistering pop music." Certainly, the album cover is a lot more tame than that disturbing dog/woman hybrid from We Are the Best.

In an update on their official website, the band referred to We Are Nobody as their "amazing new album." So maybe their not so humble after all. In a separate post, they added, "We decided to experiment and make a pop album DEVOID OF IRONY. It's catchy and simple sounding and we're loving it!"

The tracklist is below. Buy your copy from the label right here and get an instant digital download. Expect a video for the track "What Did We Do?" to emerge online soon.

We Are Nobody:

1. "Rhythm King"
2. "What Did We Do?"
3. "Better Place"
4. "Talk Back"
5. "We Are Nobody"
6. "Curtains"
7. "Painkiller"
8. "Running with Me"
9. "Hands Free"
10. "Look at the Girl"
11. "This Is Sick"