Channel No One "OXIDE 1" (video)

Channel No One 'OXIDE 1' (video)
Eric Seguin released his latest EP as Channel No One back in November, and now the electro-acoustic crossover project has unveiled a brand new video for "OXIDE 1" from that same release.
The video stars dancers Bailey Eng and Bradley Eng performing choreography that finds one of the dancers constantly fighting to bring the other back into place.
"Originally conceived as an analogy for those living with loved ones effected by Alzheimer's disease, the perceived deterioration of Bradley's movements lends itself to metaphor and applied meaning in whichever way you choose to understand it," Seguin tells Exclaim!
As for the musical accompaniment, the track showcases a mix of recorded, sampled and processed drum and cello parts that were composed to be played back through eight speakers, and it features Justin Wright, who performs in the live Channel No One lineup.
Watch the moving video for "OXIDE 1" in the player below.