Chance the Rapper "Angels" (ft. Saba) (video)

Chance the Rapper 'Angels' (ft. Saba) (video)
Months after first delivering his "Angels" single with Saba, Chance the Rapper is now soaring through the skies of Chicago in the tune's new, ultra-lifted music video.

The clip starts with a young kid transfixed with a speedy vapour trail in the sky, which turns out to be our man Chancellor. Sporting a tan jumpsuit and an animated set of goggles, he freefalls through cloudscapes while rapping about his city and the music industry.

As you'll see down below, we also see Chance rhyming atop a subway car filled with footwork-finessing locals, and then connecting with Saba to pal around street level.

It's another spirited effort from Chance the Rapper, and you can check out the video for the steel drum-sampling single below.