Chance the Rapper 'Acidrap' (mixtape)

Chance the Rapper 'Acidrap' (mixtape)
Chance the Rapper doesn't yet have a commercially released album under his belt, but the Chicago up-and-comer is building up an impressive selection of collaborations. Now, he's released a new mixtape including some notable guest stars.

The new collection is called Acidrap. Its 13-song tracklist includes contributions from Childish Gambino, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, BJ the Chicago Kid, Twista, Vic Mensa and more. The whole thing clocks in at a substantial 58 minutes.

Acidrap is available for free over at Chance the Rapper's website. See the tracklist below.


1. Good Ass Intro Beat (ft. BJ The Chicago Kid, Lili K., Kiara Lanier, Peter Cottontale, Will for the O'mys, & JP Floydd for Kids These Days)

2. Pusha Man (ft. Nate Fox and Lili K.)

3. Cocoa Butter Kisses (ft. Vic Mensa and Twista)

4. Juice

5. Lost (ft. Noname Gypsy)

6. Everybody's Something (ft. Saba and BJ the Chicago Kid)

7. Interlude (That's Love)
8. Favorite Song (ft. Childish Gambino)

9. NaNa (ft. Action Bronson)

10. Smoke Again (ft. Ab-Soul)

11. Acid Rain

12. Chain Smoker

13. Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro)