Challenges to CBC Music Streaming Service Rejected by CRTC

Challenges to CBC Music Streaming Service Rejected by CRTC
Here's some good news for music fans who have been enjoying the online streaming services provided by CBC Music: the website will be allowed to continue with business as usual thanks to a decision by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which ruled in favour of the CBC following a complaint from Stingray Digital Group Inc.

Back in the spring, a number of companies banded together to claim that CBC Music was attracting listeners away from their private radio stations and for-pay websites. One of these companies was Stingray Digital, which took exception to the CBC's 40 web-based radio stations, in addition to its collection of live concerts, playlists and on-demand music. The company alleged that the CBC should not compete with private companies for dominance of the market.

As the CBC now reports, the CRTC disagreed and ruled that the CBC does not hinder the services provided by other media outlets. The CBC pointed out that it is unique in that its content is entirely largely Canadian, and that it faces SOCAN fees and copyright tariffs like any other service. Claims that the CBC receives a preferential SOCAN rate are reportedly inaccurate.

The CBC's Chris Boyce said, "This decision ensures that we'll continue to be able to program CBC Music in the way that we think makes the most sense for Canadian musicians and music fans without any regulatory restrictions. Today's decision also continues the CRTC's practice of encouraging innovation in the delivery of programming over digital platforms."

Not only is this good news for fans, but many Canadian musicians are doubtless happy that CBC Music will continue to exist. Many artists reportedly spoke in favour of the service, and still more have created profile pages on the website to help promote their music.

CORRECTION: As a commenter pointed out, CBC Music does not play entirely Canadian content. Rather, some (but not all) of its web streams focus exclusively on Canadian content.