Chalet Chalet Chalet Chalet

Showing just how effective and straight to the point four songs can be, Chicago's Chalet Chalet cut out all the crap on their debut release. This self-titled EP is a quick lesson on how to make razor-sharp, energetic punk rock without sounding redundant and just like all the rest. Aiming for a happy medium between the spastic sounds of the (International) Noise Conspiracy and the classic snottiness of Buzzcocks, Chalet Chalet chop at their guitars like they're sushi. Most notable is the opening riff of "Induce Me," which sounds like a flattering carbon copy of the Hives' "Main Offender." Mike Renaud's wails are one part Dennis Lyxzen, the other Jello Biafra, combining the two to form one hell of a screaming voice. Chalet Chalet is a great EP that makes the wait for the forthcoming debut album truly painful. (Walk In Cold)