Chad VanGaalen "Primitive Brain"

Chad VanGaalen 'Primitive Brain'
As previously reported, former Mammoth Cave Recording Co. partner Evan Van Reekum recently teamed up with Samantha Savage Smith and Adam Feuchuk to launch the Wyatt Records imprint. Among the label's new releases is a split 7-inch from Chad VanGaalen and Bry Webb. And while the latter's track had been premiered earlier in the year, VanGaalen's contribution is now streaming ahead of the vinyl single's May 15 due date.

Titled "Primitive Brain," VanGaalen's piece had existed on a cassette release ahead of the forthcoming vinyl release. A lo-fi shuffle, it finds the singer-songwriter talking about modern life, sculpting a giant penis out of "rocks and clay" and more. Webb's "Modern Mind" is a response to this earlier track.

You'll find "Primitive Brain," as well as "Modern Mind," streaming below. You can pre-order the 7-inch here.