CFCF Announces 'Exercises' Mini-Album, Shares New Track

CFCF Announces 'Exercises' Mini-Album, Shares New Track
CFCF is one of Canada's busiest producers, rolling out a seemingly endless stream of remixes in recent years. Now, the Montreal producer also known as Michael Silver has turned his attention back to original material, and on April 24, Paper Bag Records will release his new mini-album Exercises.

A press release notes that this eight-track collection is made up of "subdued piano and synth-based pieces." It's said to be a departure from 2009's debut LP Continent, in that it "is all snowy walkways and long corridors, endless escalators ascending to desolate concrete plateaus. Each track feels like an exploration of lost memories, studies in nostalgia, exercises in spatial remembrance."

The album is largely instrumental, and only one of the tracks has vocals: "Exercise #5 (September)," which is a David Sylvian cover. Other influences include Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Borden, in addition to more conceptual influences like "institutional architecture and '70s Canadiana."

Get a taste of the album with "Exercise #3 (Building)," which begins with a cascading piano motif that is joined by a cosmic swirl of synths. Scroll past the tracklist to check it out.


1. "Exercise #1 (Entry)"
2. "Exercise #2 (School)"
3. "Exercise #3 (Building)"
4. "Exercise #4 (Spirit)"
5. "Exercise #5 (September)"
6. "Exercise #6 (December)"
7. "Exercise #7 (Loss)"
8. "Exercise #8 (Change)"