Ceti Alpha Telemetry

Hailing from Dartmouth, NS doesn't appear to have had much of an influence on Ceti Alpha because there is nothing Maritime-y about Telemetry, the band's second album. Telemetry is an interesting album because it covers a lot of ground. From acoustic confessionals in the vein of Bright Eyes to more abrasive mixes of synth and guitar, singer Nick Bevan-John recruits a wealth of others to provide music for his words, explaining the eclectic nature of the record. That translates into an album that doesn't flow quite as well as it thinks it does, but there's a bigger issue. Bevan-John's voice occupies a strange place right in the front of the mix, making it sound detached from the music. And while that kind of isolation is interesting it isn't clear if that was the original intention because it's more obvious on some songs than others. That eventually becomes jarring, and it looks like the biggest problems facing Ceti Alpha are connected to production rather than the songs themselves. (Independent)