Cee Lo "Radioactive" (Kings of Leon cover)

Cee Lo 'Radioactive' (Kings of Leon cover)
Though his cuss-heavy ode to broken hearts, "Fuck You", will end up being the song of the year for many, R&B crossover artist Cee-Lo Green tips his hat to one of his favourite new tunes, Kings of Leon's "Radioactive," via a recent live session for BBC Radio One.

The acoustic rendition strips the tune of its crunchy distortion, but Green's reedy tenor adds way more soul to the uplifting anthem than Kings' main man Caleb Followill ever could. Trilled-out guitar leads are also given the heave-ho in favour of airy electric piano runs.

It may not be the kind of rendition that gets people pumping their fists in the arenas, but Green's gentle take lets you enjoy the tune while you drink your morning coffee. It's a little disappointing that he couldn't have dropped an f-bomb or two in there though. Swear words sound so good coming out of that guy's mouth.

You can stream Cee-Lo Green's "Radioactive" up at Some Kind Of Awesome.