Caving "Rap's Greatful Dead"

Caving 'Rap's Greatful Dead'
Andy Dixon has worn many hats over the course of his musical career; guitarist with d.b.s. and The Red Light Sting, glitch knob-tweaker as the Epidemic and electro-acoustic mash artist as Secret Mommy. Well now we can add yet another alter-ego to the mix with his new project, Caving.

Pairing rap acapellas with world music samples and a fair dose of glitch-inspired beats and noises, it's certainly not like anything Dixon has done in the past. He originally intended these tracks to come out under his Secret Mommy moniker, but the North Vancouver native realized the tracks were "just too obtuse of a tangent to pull off," and thus Caving was born.

Dixon says he plans to work the new aesthetic into his DJ sets, but is staying mum on any kind of official release. And due to murky legal waters he's wading into with the rap samples these might stay Internet only phenomenon. Regardless the tunes posted at the new Caving myspace page - particularly the cleverly titled, Jay-Z sampling "Rap's Grateful Dead" - bode well for the future.