Cat Thomson "Sticks & Stones" (video)

Cat Thomson 'Sticks & Stones' (video)
The details are still shaping up behind Vancouver-based pop performer Cat Thomson's upcoming Puzzle LP, but a major piece has just been revealed via her video for "Sticks & Stones."

Scored by a jaunty piece of piano-pop akin to Sara Bareilles or Fiona Apple, the video finds Thomson tapping at her eighty-eights and using the song title's schoolyard chant to underscore that lies are what hurt her deep inside, not sticks and stones. At other times, we see her spooked by an alley cat, staring wistfully out of the window of her loft apartment, or trying to escape an apparent doppelgänger figure.

You can see the chase in the player down below.

Puzzle, co-produced by Fake Shark Real Zombie's Kevvy Mental, Mounties/Hot Hot Heat member Steve Bays and Colin Janz, has not yet received a due date, but it will arrive via 604 Records.