Sufjan Stevens & Cat Martino "Take the Time"

Sufjan Stevens & Cat Martino 'Take the Time'
Sufjan Stevens has been branching out of late with his Sisyphus side-project, and now he's popped up on a collaboration with Cat Martino.

"Take the Time" is part of a PledgeMusic campaign for Martino's new album with her band Stranger Cat. It's available on a flexi-disc through the campaign — following a prior flexi-disc release through Joyful Noise — and it can be steamed for the next 24 hours.

The song bears Stevens' distinct stamp: not only does he share lead vocal duties, but it's got a mixture of squelchy electronic weirdness and ornate grandeur that's typical of his sound in recent years.

Our only complaint? Why didn't Cat Martino and Sufjan Stevens name their collaboration "Cat Stevens"? Hear the song below [via Pitchfork].