Casual Luxury "From the Balcony"

Casual Luxury 'From the Balcony'
Vancouver songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Hall's debut EP as Casual Luxury arrives later this month, and before it does, Exclaim! has your first listen to the second teaser track from the effort "From the Balcony."

An attempt at encapsulating moments of clarity found in social settings in the words of Hall, his latest track takes its time in building slowly towards the level of energy originally exhibited in first single "Girl Grins."

As previously reported, Casual Luxury's debut EP will arrive in late April through nbd. Before then, take a listen to "From the Balcony" in the player below. All the tracks from the EP were recorded at the Noise Floor Studio on Gabriola Island, BC, with Jordan Koop (the Courtneys, Dead Soft, You Say Party).