Castlemusic You Can't Take Anyone

Castlemusic is the brainchild of Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle. She’s something of an "it girl” on the local indie scene now, given her collaborations with the likes of the Constantines and Fucked Up. Such clique-ish buzz is oft undeserved but not in Castle’s case, judging by this lovely solo record. She receives sparse but highly supportive instrumental and vocal support from two mainstays of the Toronto new music community: Ryan Driver and Doug Tielli (both of the Silt). Their guitar work (Driver on classical, Tielli on electric) is subtle and sweet, perfectly complementing the underlying mood of wistfulness and melancholy that permeates these songs. This record is more about atmosphere than catchy hooks and Castle’s voice has a fragile beauty that gently caresses the ears. There’s a countrified feel to "Roses,” the closing track, but the vocals are twang-free and unaffected. On the first song, "One Two Three,” Castle coos, "a song is just a song.” Perhaps, but these are ones worthy of attention. (Bluefog/Sonic Unyon)