Cass McCombs and Meat Puppets "Night of the World" / "(Hey Baby), Que Paso"

Cass McCombs and Meat Puppets 'Night of the World' / '(Hey Baby), Que Paso'
Cass McCombs recently announced he was heading out on tour with veteran alt-punk outfit Meat Puppets, but sadly the trip doesn't make it into Canada. On the plus side, they've now revealed plans to deliver a split 7-inch together, with each act previewing a contribution ahead of the October 28 due date through Domino.

McCombs' "Night of the World" glides by on a tumbleweed, with the dusty arrangement presenting supple six-string work and low-key lines from McCombs about being "tied up in a bind." You can hear the track down below, while a second song called "Evangeline" will appear on the record.

Meat Puppets are streaming their cover of Texas Tornados' "(Hey Baby), Que Paso," a way-down-south whipcracker that busts out lightning quick, countrified licks, a one-two polka beat and vocal melodies galore from the Kirkwood brothers. The track can likewise be heard down below, with a cover of "Cathy's Clown" by the Everly Brothers arriving on the single proper.

You'll find the info on the acts' shared dates over here.