Cass McCombs "Morning Star" (video)

Cass McCombs 'Morning Star' (video)
It's easy to get sucked into the luscious, old-school skateboarding montage of Cass McCombs's video for new tune "Morning Star," but we'll admit it, we were yanked out of the fantasy about the time the dude drops the straight-faced line "what's it like to shit in space?"

As confusing a thought as that may be, the song is another gently strummed keeper from McCombs. As for the visuals, it's a loving tribute to sidewalk surfers, with vintage shots of dudes whipping down the asphalt on longboards, or plotting out moves in pools. One fool forgot to drain the bowl, though. Keep your eyes peeled for the helpful diagram on how to pull off a righteous Judo Air, as well as the cameos from legendary rider Lance Mountain.