Carpark Announces Basketball-Themed Comp with Toro y Moi, Dan Deacon

Carpark Announces Basketball-Themed Comp with Toro y Moi, Dan Deacon
This year is Carpark Records' sweet 16. Not only is the label planning anniversary celebrations in Brooklyn, Austin and Washington, DC, but it's just announced a picture disc compilation featuring lots of notable members of its roster.

The 12-inch is officially out on May 26. It includes nine exclusive full-length songs, plus 19 locked grooves, adding up to a total of 28 tracks. Interestingly, the whole thing is basketball-themed.

Contributors include Toro y Moi, Dan Deacon, Memory Tapes, Young Magic, Skylar Spence, Montag, TEEN, Ear Pwr, GRMLN, Speedy Ortiz, Young Magic, Jayson Gerycz (who is Cloud Nothings' drummer), Greg Davis and more.

See the tracklist, with its many basketball-alluding song names, below. Note that the full-length songs are marked with an asterisk, while the rest are the locked grooves.

At the bottom of the page, hear "Practice" from Skylar Spence (who used to be known as Saint Pepsi). It's an upbeat electronic track that manages to sound dreamy while still coming across as a pump-up jam. It quotes an Allen Iverson press conference.

The comp is available in a limited edition of 600 and can be ordered here. All proceeds go the music education charity Little Kids Rock.


A1. Young Magic - "NETS" *
A2. Montag - "Drop A Dime"
A3. Safety Scissors - "Orange Roughy"
A4. Jayson Gerycz - "Dribble Dribble"
A5. Young Magic - "All Net (Celebration Dance)"
A6. TEEN - "Dylan and Chong Playing Basketball" *
A7. Thomas J Duke - "Manute Bol"
A8. Jake Mandell - "2008"
A9. Signer - "Roll, Pick, and Roll Again"
A10. Skylar Spence - "Turnover"
A11. Sadie Dupuis - "Theme from Babadook"
A12. Montag - "Basket Case" *
A13. Ear Pwr - "I Would Rather Be Shopping"
A14. Jason Urick - "Double Dribble"
A15. Memory Tapes - "Go Play Outside" *
A16. Lowt Ide - "Your Turn"
B1. Skylar Spence - "Practice" *
B2. Dan Deacon - "1 Wand from the 9 Piles"
B3. So Takahashi - "Dribble Commander"
B4. Jimmy Whispers - "Mugsy Bogus"
B5. Chandos - "Traveling"
B6. GRMLN - "Buzzer Beat" *
B7. Toro y Moi - "Space Jam"
B8. Greg Davis - "Paxson"
B9. Ear Pwr - "Beyond the Arc" *
B10. Dog Bite - "Hoops" *
B11. Adventure - "Ewww"
B12. Speedy Ortiz - "Basketball (Demo)" *

* full song