Carnival Skin Carnival Skin

This remarkable quintet have created a stunning debut with an eponymous full-length that consistently sounds like it’s on the brink of collapse before miraculously cohering. Double bassist Hilliard Greene holds down the fort while drummer Klaus Kogel joins the uninhibited leads of Peter Evans’ trumpet and Perry Robinson’s clarinet on the cacophonous swing of Robinson’s "Journey to Strange.” Guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil is as tastefully spare on Evans’s "Monster” as he is omnipresent on his own "Diagonal People,” which features inventive contributions from every player. Greene’s "Iono” contains elements of Bitches Brew though its mighty spirit is free and unique. Kugel’s "Bobosong” may not possess such overt energy initially but it swells and swoops within its playful pace. They might be disparate players but Carnival Skin documents a rather diplomatic musical meeting. (Slam Disques)