Evangelista's Carla Bozulich Preps New 'Boy' "Pop Record" for Constellation

Evangelista's Carla Bozulich Preps New 'Boy' 'Pop Record' for Constellation
After adopting the Evangelista moniker for her last three releases, Carla Bozulich is now set to release her third solo album under her own name this year through longtime label Constellation.

Titled Boy, the album arrives March 4 and is described by the artist as her "pop record," though a press release adds that the art-punk figure's "particular path of experimentation and deconstruction" is still a big part of the LP. Though the 10 tracks hover around the three- to five-minute mark and feature choruses, verses and bridges, Boy also employs "destabilizing accents and strategies."

Though billed as a solo effort, Bozulich is joined on the record by John Eichenseer (a.k.a. JHNO), with whom she crafted the cuts with while travelling around North America, Europe, South America and India. Bozulich played guitar, bass, synths, and added samples and loops, while JHNO contributed keyboards, viola, electronics, drums and more. They are also assisted by Italian drummer Andrea Belfi, with all three musicians tracking the set in Berlin. The songs were later manipulated in San Diego, while Jace Lasek (of Besnard Lakes) mixed the finished product in Montreal.

Lyrically, Boy as featuring Bozulich's most "perceptive, honest and sometimes venomous lyrics" to date. You can check out the off-kilter LP preview "Deeper Than the Well," full of jarring drum bursts, scraped six-strings, slippery bass slides, and Bozulich's steamy and downcast vocals ("I just want to fuck up your whole world"), down below.


1. Ain't No Grave

2. One Hard Man

3. Drowned To The Light

4. Don't Follow Me

5. Gonna Stop Killing

6. Deeper Than The Well

7. Danceland

8. Lazy Crossbones

9. What Is It Baby?

10. Number X