Carissa's Weird Songs About Leaving

Carissa's Weird is one of those quiet bands that are obviously very earnest about what they do. Or to put it another way, there aren't many laughs on their third album, Songs About Leaving. Still, life isn't all about happiness and joy, so there's always going to be a place for this slow and mellow music the band are so skilled at producing. Under the gentle guidance of Death Cab For Cutie's Chris Walla, Carissa's Weird has produced some gorgeously bleak music that takes solace in quietness. The music sounds like a less sparse version of Low, partly aided by the alternating male and female lead vocals, but due to the strings and piano that dominates many a song there is an unexpected lushness that keeps the overwhelming melancholy in check. The only complaint is that the 12 songs do blend into each other, hinting that Carissa's Weird might only have one really good idea when it comes to music. Still, the execution is good enough to make it worth at least a cursory listen. (Sad Robot)