Cardi B Joins OnlyFans, Calls Vinyl Records "Vinyls"

Cardi B Joins OnlyFans, Calls Vinyl Records 'Vinyls'
Like it or not, 2020 is shaping up to be the year of "WAP." As such, Cardi B has decided to join the online home of many WAPs by launching her own OnlyFans account.

In an Instagram post, Cardi announced that she had launched her own account on the amateur porn platform. But despite the site's general horniness, Cardi's OnlyFans will apparently not feature nudes. As she puts it, "NO I WONT BE SHOWING PUSSY, TITTIES AND ASS."

Further, since launching her OnlyFans, Cardi has announced that she's lowering its price. "Ya spend too much on vinyls," she wrote, in another turn that likely made music nerds mad around the globe.

Check out Cardi's OnlyFans here and peruse her posts below.